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Raised espirit de corps in the department by assisting in a successful Family Day celebration for 50 staff members and their families. Supervised improved training lectures, increased on-the-job-training and renewed personal qualifications. Volunteered to fill an IA billet to support national objectives in the Born of Africa.

Successfully improved the maintenance training output of the work center through his extensive technical expertise and demanding, thorough training techniques. Contributed directly to the commands safety record of 29 years andhours of accident-free flight hours.

State the positive result of your work. Tireless optimism, a key member. Played a key role in outstanding assessments by comnavairlant performance improvement team visit and the naval safety center. Although only onboard a short period of time, he has made a positive impact on the maintenance department.

Contributed significantly to the productivity and morale of the power plants workcenter. If possible, describe how the feat aided mission accomplishment. Routinely sought out to diagnose and troubleshoot the most complex Vibration analysis discrepancies.

Performance has been outstanding. Mentored all Sailors aboard and set the example for exemplary behavior and the highest standards of customer service. Expertly developed and monitored a system for identifying, correcting, and tracking cockpit security discrepancies resulting in reduced aircraft down time and manhours spent on cockpit fod inspections.


In this reporting period he has made a lasting contribution to the success of. Streamlined workcenter operations resulting in the Integrated Weapons Team Branch repairing aircraft discrepancies during a two week period!! In addition, he coaches 30 young kids for the local LWYA football seniors for the third consecutive year.

Strict adherence to established policy and procedures have directly contributed to the commands outstanding safety record. Directly contributed to the scheduling of 48, flight, simulator and classroom training hours and the on time graduation of 67 Fleet Replacement Aircrewmen.

Tireless work ethic; contributed numerous overtime hours toward the preparation of squadron aircraft for the successful completion of the demanding Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection CWTPI.

Revitalized the workcenters training program. He ensured IMRL availability to support 32 aircraft and a 15 event per day flight schedule. Adept Naval Aircrew instructor and Operations Petty Officer, flawlessly planned and managed 7, flight hours and 9, simulator hours, directly leading to the on-time graduations for FRS students.

Actively involved in the development of Sailors, providing sage advice and up—to—date information on a myriad of subjects to enhance their personal and professional growth.

Extraordinary technical knowledge and expertise. Selectively chosen to integrate aviation ordnancemen into the iwt work center, dramatically increasing the reliability of A-6E ship missile systems.

Completed BA with Honors and is responsible for 12 college credit hours in his Department. Extraordinary technical skill and leadership abilities.

Hand picked to become Maintenance Control qualified and certified to release aircraft safe for flight. Select NOW to any, and all, commission programs! Dedicated 6 hours to in rate training classes resulting in the advancement of two Sailors.

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He transformed Line division into an effective and reliable Division. Ranked 1 of 90 highly competitive Chief Petty Officers at this command. A self-starter who gets more from his men than the majority of his peers.

The quickest and most effective way to come up with material for your Eval is to brainstorm first. Squadrons in the community continue to seek wealth of knowledge and eager assistance on incorporation of command eject system.

PO Sailor is a standout leader and professional.Your One Stop Shop for Navy Eval, Award, and other Navy Writing Examples. Eval Bullets (Perf.) Expertly directed seven technicians in the launch maintenance control, resulting in a 20% increase in on-time take offs, a 92% sortie completion rate and enhanced day shift productivity.

Navy FITREP and Evaluation resource. We are are resource to assist Navy Sailors in writing FITREPs, EVALs, CHIEFEVALs, awards, and Navy counseling sheets. Additional resources include NAVFIT98, BUPERS, and FITREP/EVAL writing lessons.

Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals. mi-centre.com BREAKOUT BULLETS —Good officer FITREPS need a Number one LT in his year group, Number one LT in the Navy! Best LT I have ever worked with, Number one Division Officer, Number one SWO, Number one Stick Ranked 1 of 10 hand picked active duty officers.

navy eval bullet statements -Squadron Safety Manager. Played leading and aggressive role in manning and maintaining 10 command safety programs to FTS and SELRES personnel keeping an outstanding track record of 97% on ESAMS. NAVY EVAL OPENING STATEMENTS.

several months and thoughout several multi-unit events has been an immeasurable service to both the department and the United States Navy. Highly skilled and dedicated professional, performance far exceeds expectations; an outstanding asset to this unit.

Write a us navy eval examples
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