The rationale of founders of product red

Converse is selling a shoe made from African mud cloth. It looks set to create a major source of cash for the Global Fund, and one which is sustainable.

The money RED has raised means that someAfricans will be put on life-saving anti-retrovirals in the coming months, orphans are being fed and kept in school in Swaziland and a national HIV treatment and prevention programme has begun in Rwanda. The biggest spender of the big brand names that have launched RED products was the clothing company Gap.

So has big business done better out of this than poor Africans? The Ad Age article was inspired by a web site called www. At best, charities like aid agencies create exemplars of ideal projects, or help build a public mood that something has to be done, forcing governments to act.

Scholars argue that this sacrifices the purpose of movements such as Product Red. Their motto is "Lace up, save lives. Experts in the U. That is five times the amount given to the Global Fund by the private sector over the previous four years. While this critic shows that there are negative aspects of this program, he also states that "it finds a way to generate something positive out of the currently existent system".

The idea behind Product RED was always that it would create a win-win result. Labour Behind the Label criticized Product Red for not requiring more measures to protect the rights of the workers who make their products.

Starbucks also offers the Red Card, and donates five cents every time the card is used. The ratio between the marketing money spent and the amount raised for Africa was thus very poor, it claimed.

Gap sells a line of merchandise including T-shirts, jackets, scarves, gloves, jewelry, bags and purses. Some charity activists in the United States have been critical of the RED initiative, arguing that it allows firms to take on the patina of philanthropy while cutting their real charitable giving.

It is all the result of concerted political pressure of which Red, with its constant advertising exposure of the message that "6, Africans died needlessly yesterday of a preventable and treatable disease" has been a key part.

But not every one wants to join such campaigns. How much has RED raised to fight Aids? For every holiday beverage[ clarification needed ] ordered, 5 cents went to Product Red. Monster Cable makes special edition of Beats by Dr. The Independent newspaper is in partnership with Product Red.

Starbucks participated during their holiday promotion.

Product Red

The only people who seem to need to take that advice are the editorial staff of an American trade magazine called Ad Age. Is RED a big flop? Donations to charity tend to be given as one-off cheques. A design company that makes pushchairs for infants and toddlers. Private charitable giving has never offered a solution to the major structural problems in the Third World.

Some 99 percent of funds raised go directly to life-saving schemes. There were two areas yet untapped -- the private sector and consumers who like buying stuff, like the idea of helping others, but who are too idle or too self-centred to actually get up and do anything.

Giorgio Armani has announced a line of Emporio Armani products that include clothes, jewelry, perfume, and accessories. But the facts suggest this argument is flawed. The "corporate social responsibility" budgets of most firms are dwarfed by their marketing budgets.

So, has RED been a success or a failure so far? One hundred percent of profits are given to the charity. A share of the profit goes to the charities.This study interrogates the Gap (RED) campaign from a political economic perspective to determine whether it goes beyond merely touting the virtuous line of social responsibility.

Stakeholder and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

Critics cite the irony of capitalist-based solutions that perpetuate the inequities they are trying to address.

Others. 32 rows · As Product Red is owned by Red, a portion of the contributions received. Firstly, (Product) RED promotes its product range with a cause-marketing campaign, in which, (product) RED ties the marketing of a brand, company, product or service directly, e.g.

GAP, Armani, Apple iPhone, to a social cause ± HIV awareness and AIDS prevention. 1. a) What is the rationale of founders of (product) Red? Their main reason for creating Product Red was to raise awareness and money for the Global Fund by teaming up with the world’s most iconic brands to products that would be sold.

The figure is actually $25m during the six months since the RED product range was launched in the United States last October. That is five times the amount given to the Global Fund by the private. The Rationale Of Founders Of Product Red.

corporate social responsibility and how they relate to a charitable campaign such as (Product) RED.(Product) RED shows their corporate social responsibility by engaging different companies that have products that "we" as the consumers use every, by engaging a great cause as the Global .

The rationale of founders of product red
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