The dependency of a death sentence

In the Homeric poems Corinth is a mere dependency of Mycenae; nor does it figure prominently in the tradition of the Dorian migrations. I became critical of the Japanese death penalty. That is in between the rate at which Texas 2. They are, in fact, guided by a Supreme Court opinion which urged that capital punishment be reserved for certain particularly heinous offenders, such as those who commit multiple murders at once.

But in Japan, death-row inmates are held in solitary confinement, visits limited to a bare minimum of family members and defense counsel. Comparisons of crime rates between the U.

Treatment Waiting Lists Can Be a Death Sentence

Accordingly, the prime ministers of all the self-governing colonies, with their families, were invited to come to London as the guests of the country to take part in the Jubilee procession; and drafts of the troops from every British colony and dependency were brought home for the same purpose.

Of two successive rajas of Lahore, the conqueror assumed the right of nominating the governors of the Punjab as a dependency of Ghazni, a right which continued to be exercised by seven of his successors.

The conviction rate in Japanese criminal trials is 99 percent. When each day of use is life-threatening, these waiting lists can become a death sentence. Every day, more than people die from a drug overdose in America.

Or perhaps neither side has a political interest in such a debate: This is far less frequently than death sentences are carried out in the United States, where 65 convicted murderers were put to death in The islands and other districts within the Arctic circle became a portion of the Dominion only inwhen all British possessions in North America, excepting Newfoundland, with its dependency, the Labrador coast, and the Bermuda islands, were annexed to Canada.

This recent history suggests that, as unlikely as capital punishment is to be abolished in the U. Lack of Spending As Courtney discovered, addiction treatment is financially out of reach for many of those in need of assistance.

The dichotomy between that nice upper chamber and the chilly "world of death" below it seemed emblematic of the wider contrast between the shining, safe streets of which Japan is justifiably proud, and the sometimes troubling methods the authorities employ in the name of public safety.

Holland, in Europe, comes next to England, and uses principally the product of her dependency Java. Prescribed by the penal code, hanging continues to be employed in Japan today despite the fact that the U. Average wait times vary from one month to a year and a half. With the uninhabited dependency of South Georgia Island, to the E.

In other words, each of them lives for many years never quite knowing when death will come. The last hanging in the U. Moreover, Japan appears to be increasing its use of capital punishment, whereas the U.

Dependency Sentence Examples

Yet all of this is done, officials told me, in the interests of the condemned themselves. New Sweden thus passed into the control of the Dutch, and became a dependency of New Netherland. Perhaps less debatable from an American point of view is the fact that Japanese defendants in capital murder cases have far fewer procedural rights than do their U.Death sentence definition is - a sentence condemning a convicted defendant to death.

How to use death sentence in a sentence. Significant statistical research exists regarding race and the death penalty, and race is an issue that continues to be at the forefront of America’s capital punishment debate. Studies have indicated that race plays a decisive role in the question of who lives and dies by execution in this country.

After All Beys death Egypt became once more a dependency of the Porte, governed by Abul-Dhahab as Sheik al-Balad with the title pasha. Shortly before the Persian War Paros seems to have been a dependency of Naxos (Herod.

For example, between l and l, the homicide rates in Wisconsin and Iowa (non-death-penalty states) were half the rates of their neighbor, Illinois – which restored the death penalty in l, and by had sentenced persons to death and carried out two executions. "The death penalty is the only way for a murderer to compensate for taking a person's life," the grandfather, Tsuneo Matsumura, told The Japan Times this year.

This recent history suggests that, as unlikely as capital punishment is to be abolished in the U.S. Here are fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "dependency". Sentences with the word: Synonyms. Antonyms How to use dependency in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word dependency?

Here are some examples.

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The dependency of a death sentence
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