The beautiful and the ugly

They want to feel badass. But notice this is not an argument that says the audience should never be willing to be surprised. For now, what I want to point out is the outrageous clarity of every single one of these character arcs. Gratification, satisfaction, or happiness are not at issue.

And as she denies Snoke from moral conviction, his anger seethes. While this is not true all the time — some asses will remain asses no matter how nice everyone is — it is how we are.

On The Beautiful, The Sublime, The Pretty, and the Ugly, Part 1 (maybe)

While she might not be changing, the audience is learning about her and going through our own arc with regards to how we see her. However, I struggle to just accept this as a matter of fact.

Or, for that matter, the ordinary rituals of maturing and variegated experience known in every primitive society, whereby growth is attended by pain, where a new name may be earned, and where the past is arduously incorporated into the present, preparing the individual for the next ritual round as he moves higher in the spiritual hieararchy of his society.

However, I do not take that wish so far as to make it a criticism of his characterization in these films, because they are out of text fan-fiction-y concerns.

I cannot wait to see how this journey concludes, and whether it will consume him, or whether he will finally be able to undo the pain deep in his heart. Why do so many kids love it? But RianJohnson mocks them. And these issues only follow her quest on the way back to Kylo.

Why do so many adults love it? Luke is the default. Why does it illicit such passion? We may not help if we feel there are enough people involved. It was a six part series which allowed me to think through ideas that turned into a more developed paper.

But, it may still engender the intellectual delight associated with the beautiful. To answer that is to largely give into a meta pressure a la Barb instead of story pressure.

That is unfathomable to me. In the elevator, Kylo calls out the truth of her greatest fear: It is on how actions — good or bad — beget similar actions form others. Most specifically about his own failures. But Luke keeps denying her.The Beautiful Ugly.

likes. Hi, My name is Katharina Maisenbacher known as "Nemo". I studied Timebased Media at FH Mainz. Im a Concept Artist. “Achingly raw and beautifully written, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things is both a hypnotic coming-of-age story and a heartbreaking tragedy.

Greenwood’s emotional prose and her well-drawn characters immediately drew me in and kept me captivated/5(78). Ugly is just another form of beauty, Without ugly we would have much less, Because even the ugliest thing has helped something.

From the diseased Man, To the fish at the bottom of the sea, Ugly has helped find cures, Ugly has solved mysteries. The beautiful and the ugly of human nature. Hi folks, I know I’ve been away a while but I haven’t gone anywhere.

The Ugly And The Beautiful

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This was always part of the story. Not a meta one about fandom, but the beautiful, ugly and ultimately possessive hearts of humanity itself.

Within that, there’s only truth that really matters. Possessing something doesn’t mean you love it. In fact, that’s not even really love. That’s need.

The Beautiful, Ugly, and Possessive Hearts of Star Wars

That’s dependency.

The beautiful and the ugly
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