Street harassment and its effects on women

Nearly 70 percent reported some type of disruptions in their mobility, including missing, being late to or having to change jobs or schools.

Street Harassment is a Public Health Problem: The Case of Mexico City

As women strive to gain equal rights worldwide, some men harass them to try to keep them from advancing, to prevent their equality, and to try to force them to retreat to their homes. And I learned to put up with the impotence I felt when harassed. And Stop Street Harassment which are non-profit organizations that help bring awareness, tools and education materials to bring street harassment to an end.

This fear of escalation also encompasses a not uncommon concern that a harasser may pull out a knife or gun and then might use it, in large part because this occasionally does happen.

A growing number of political powers, like the United Nations, governments, transit authorities, and organizations are recognizing the effects of street harassment and putting laws and tools in place to prevent it.

Once, I was chased down the street. Statistics courtesy of StopStreetHarassment. Following Seventy-five percent of female respondents have been followed by an unknown stranger in public.

This is why street harassment is a part of rape culture. Saying sexually explicit comments Nearly 81 percent of female respondents were the target of sexually explicit comments from an unknown man at least once. People have changed their routines, hobbies and habits just to accommodate for street harassers and that is just not okay.

Political organizations are taking concrete steps to make public places safer, and we can too. Street harassment is no more about compliments than rape is about sex.

In the first online survey, conducted during the spring ofshe asked the respondents: Making vulgar gestures Nearly 82 percent of female respondents were the target of a vulgar gesture at least once.

In a article, scholar Elizabeth Arveda Kissling called street harassment a form of sexual terrorism because one never knows when it may happen—or how far it may escalate. Studies documenting the prevalence of street harassment in more than 35 countries show it could have widespread health effects across the globe.

Violence against women in public spaces is not exclusive to Mexico City, of course. Will other cities follow its lead?Street harassment was not really talked about until the last few years, research is just beginning when it comes to exploring the ramifications and consequences of street harassment.

As shown in the statistics above street harassment is an issue that mostly affects women, especially women of color, LGBTQIA people and gender non.

Street harassment is a public health problem: The case of Mexico City effects across the globe.

Street Harassment Isn't Just Annoying, It's Psychologically Damaging

Street harassment in Mexico City. One of the latest studies on this issue aimed to understand. Home / Social Justice / Street Harassment is a Public Health is a Public Health Problem: The Case of Mexico City to understand the extent of street harassment and its impacts on women.

Street harassment is an under-researched topic, but each existing study shows that street harassment is a significant and prevalent problem.

Women should not accept street harassment as 'just a compliment'

Read the SSH national report on street harassment in the USA for the latest research. The following statistics focus on prevalence.

Why Stopping Street Harassment Matters

Informal Online Studies by Stop Street Harassment: To learn more about women’s harassment. Street Harassment: Currently Out of women surveyed in the U.S.

in "Unwelcome words and actions by unknown persons in public which are motivated by gender and invade a person’s physical and emotional space in a disrespectful, creepy, startling, scary, or insulting way.

Street harassment is no more about compliments than rape is about sex.

Statistics – Stop Street Harassment Studies

Both are about power, violence and control. That's why, when women have the temerity to reject the advances of street harassers, they so often turn, in .

Street harassment and its effects on women
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