Rubric for writing a paragraph 5th grade

Examples and details relate to the topic and some explanation is included. Below grade level The paragraph does not contain a topic sentence. Interesting, original topic sentence, reflecting thought and insight; focused on one interesting main idea.

Approaching Grade Level Topic sentence includes focus but is not well-developed. Acceptable arrangement of examples; transitions may be weak. Closing Sentence The closing sentence recaps the topic sentence.

Details are arranged in a logical progression; appropriate transitions. Sufficient number of examples and details that relate to the topic. Organization and Transitions Thoughtful, logical progression of supporting examples; Mature transitions between ideas.

Exceeding Grade Level Presents a well-developed, clearly focused paragraph. Paragraph Body The body of the paragraph supports the topic sentence with meaningful details and explanations. Acceptable topic sentence presents one idea.

Exceeding Grade Level The closing sentence recaps the topic sentence and makes reference to the body. Approaching Grade Level Presents a paragraph but the main focus may shift. The paragraph must begin with a well-developed topic sentence.

Approaching Grade Level The closing sentence does not recap the topic sentence at all. Below grade level Attempts to present a focused paragraph with little or no success. Exceeding Grade Level The body of the paragraph supports the topic sentence with more than 3 meaningful details.

On Grade Level Topic sentence establishes the focus in a well-developed sentence. Some errors, but none major, in usage, spelling, or punctuation.

iRubric: Paragraph Writing-5th Grade rubric

Appropriate tone; Clear sentences with varied structures; Effective diction. Style Appropriate tone, distinctive voice; pleasing variety in sentence structure; Vivid diction, precise word choices. Approaching Grade Level The body of the paragraph supports the topic, but gives less than 3 meaningful details.

Interesting, concrete and descriptive examples and details with explanations that relate to the topic. On Grade Level The body of the paragraph supports the topic sentence with 3 meaningful details.

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No discernible pattern of organization; Unrelated details; no transitions. Below grade level The paragraph does not contain a closing sentence. On Grade Level Presents a clearly focused paragraph.Stays on the topic (Does not ramble or repeat) Shows understanding of multiple paragraph form Includes dynamic, vivid or challenging words Few or no errors in the spelling of grade-level-appropriate words Includes main idea(s) with 4 or more well developed supporting details Has an inviting introduction with a topic sentence and.

iRubric: Informational writing 5th Grade rubric

If you want to translate this score into a grade, you can use the provided table to score each student on a scale of 0–4. Number of Points Scaled Score 1–11 1 – 17–22 2 – 28–33 3 – 39–44 4 Ma be. As a resource for teachers, below are the standards for the current grade (5th) as well as the preceding and subsequent grade.

Since the rubric score of “4” represents “above grade level” work, the 6 th grade standards were referenced. Rubric for Evaluation of the Paragraph A rubric is a grading tool that describes the criteria, or "what counts," for the assignment.

It also describes each of the criteria according to gradations of quality, with descriptions of strong, middling, and problematic student work. Rubric ID: Find out how to make this rubric interactive Letter-Writing: 5th grade friendly letter. CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Salutation and Closing Salutation and closing have no errors in capitalization and punctuation.

Each paragraph is three sentences long or better. The letter is three paragraghs long. The paragraphs contain less than. Grades 4 Persuasive Writing Rubric Focus Content & Development Organization Style (Voice) Conventions (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, mechanics).

Rubric for writing a paragraph 5th grade
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