Reflective essays on therapeutic relationship in psychiatry

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. From assessment we can determine patient attitudes, spiritual and religious beliefs and values, we begin to discover their needs, the amount of involvement, and how much information they may wish to have in their care.

Reflective practice is an integral part of health and social care, particularly within nursing care Bulman and Schutz, When coping with a difficult patient it is the behaviour we need to deal with.

A patient was medically fit for discharge, but the nursing team argued that socially intervening factors rendered her home environment as not considered safe for her biological well-being.

By nodding and shaking her head eventually we would understand each other, I learned a great deal about good effective communication from her. When assisting with feeding make sure the patient is comfortable, the food is not too hot, ask which part of the meal they would like to eat, and not rush the process.

It is the special features of this relationship, the therapeutic relationship, quite different from our normal everyday social relationships, which allow the intimacy and trust by which we permit a nurse to assist us. What happens when we are faced with a difficult and un-cooperative patient, how can our therapeutic relationship develop, what strategies can we adopt to help it?

Both verbal and non-verbal communication are equally important, the tone and volume of our voice for example can indicate our pleasure or dismay, as can our body movements and touch.

Cava suggests a difficult person is one whose behaviour causes problems for you, or others. Reflection forces us to attend to our feelings and attitudes, it helps us to analyse how we feel and in doing so hopefully learn from the situation and react differently next time we are faced with a similar situation.

The Gibbs cycle Gibbs, is a tool with which health and social care professionals and employees apply to enable reflective practice within their workplaces. It is whilst we are doing all this our therapeutic relationship is developing, the complex parts fitting together, growing and strengthening the relationship.

The Gibbs cycle has six stages which are worked through systematically. Our biological body structure can be a barrier to good communication but often problems can be overcome, for example using a hearing aid to correct a hearing impairment.

When reflecting we look back at ourselves in a certain situation and think how the situation has affected us, and how we may have affected the situation. Evidence based care is a change in procedure, a new procedure based on evidence produced with statistics to prove it is safer or better way of working.

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Thoughts and feeling can be positive, negative or neutral. Sanitary needs are documented, the first foundations for the therapeutic relationship have begun, daily interaction and further monitoring all build the therapeutic relationship.

All our custom papers are written from scratch and carefully checked by professional editors as well as special software for errors and plagiarism.- Emotional Intelligence and reflective practice are integral components of building a therapeutic relationship in nursing Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, control and analyse emotions.

- Emotional Intelligence, Reflective Practice and Therapeutic relationship In Nursing “To develop a therapeutic relationship with health consumer requires the nurse to be self-reflective.

The reflective process concludes with embracing insights from a variety of sources that serve to change practitioners’ awareness” (Taylor, ). Getting the message ofrespect to the patient can be done in a number of ways as part of the therapeutic relationship like making sure that allconversations take place in private, whilst the doctors are doing ward rounds being present, listening and validatingFind more free essays like this one We have a large reference library of essays that.

Within a therapeutic relationship we need to be self-aware and also reflective practitioners. Being self-aware means not forcing yourself or your values onto others, we need to be conscious of our own character including our beliefs, strengths and limitations.

* Heldigard Peplau- She introduced the concept of nurse-client relationship in in her ground-breaking book Interpersonal Relations in mi-centre.comg definition essay Therapeutic Relationship In Nursing Essay pursue a career in nursing reflective essay examples on your hometownA Therapeutic Relationship Essay - A therapeutic relationship is a key component in the nursing profession.

Without therapeutic relationships /10(). Therapeutic Relationships - Gibbs Reflective Cycle.

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Reflective essays on therapeutic relationship in psychiatry
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