Project topic a comparative study of marketing strategies of nokia and samsung

Nokia is introducing a range of new handsets in Indian market for every income sector.

Players and film stars are hired for the promotions of different products for e. For placing its products Nokia uses retails outlets, exclusive showrooms, mobile showrooms, websites, super marts, etc. A few months ago, a highly placed Nokia official told Reuters that his company would soon go the Motorola way andstart using names for its new phones.

Every month the market sees at least a dozen new handsets from an equal number of manufacturers. Founded by Fredrik IdestamLeo Mechelin in Still its market share is dropping.

It is important so that the product is available to the customer at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity.

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Of promotional activities to permote its products like website which provide full information of the productsadvertisements the marketing method of advertisement is an effective way to permote the products the common methods of the advertisement is newspaper, TV.

The aggressive marketing practices followed by Motorola have hit Nokia very hard and it is losing very crucial global market share every month to its American competitor. Nokia has divided, identified the different groups of buyers who require or prefer different features facilities in their handsets by examining demographic, psychographic, and behavioral difference among buyers.

With brands like Nokia cell phone, Nokia accessories, headphone, ear phone, car kit, Nokia batteries. Various models of Nokia cell phone. It should also take into the consideration the probable reaction from the competitor to the pricing strategy. All the other three are expenses incurred.

This is the most important part of the marketing mix as this is the only part which generates revenue. On September 22,Nokia acquired Sega. Take the example of Apple.

Nokia is headquartered at Espoo, Finland. Nokia from the very start has relied on numbers rather than names. But Espoo, we have a problem!!Nokia then adapted the three strategies in its marketing program.

This was a mega turn in the history of Nokia.

In order to get the exploit the opportunities provided by the environmental factors and decrease the potential demerits of changes that might have impact on. In the following slides we will look at the Marketing strategies of Nokia.

Their target markets, their way of approaching, the benefits they offer to their customers and how they compete in the market.

Samsung Micromax Apple Lg Blackberry Brand Mantra: Connecting People. Nokia Marketing Strategies 1. and how it (lost) market. 2. Samsung vs Nokia-Comparative Marketing Analysis 1. PROJECT REPORT ON MARKETING STRATEGY OF NOKIA & SAMSUNG SUBMITTED BY:PINAK PAUL MANAV RACHNA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. study the marketing strategy adopted by Nokia and Samsung in promoting their handsets. show how they have placed the 4p’s in their strategy. analyse the sales volume and profitability of both the handsets.

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Project topic a comparative study of marketing strategies of nokia and samsung
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