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Also included are segments from Siskel and Ebert tracking the acclaim for Hoop Dreams, the original music video and theatrical trailers.

The usual scuffles on a basketball court during a game are shown. His efforts also include writing and researching media in all its forms and observing how it effects society and culture. Two young men are followed during their entire high-school career, beginning with their participation in playground games and ending with their being recruited by colleges.

Most movies about sports lack anything but the most rudimentary tension. Arthur has the quickest step one talent scout has seen in five years, and William looks like the "next Isiah Thomas.

Talent does not always rise to the top. Hoop Dreams follows two Chicago youths, William Gates and Arthur Agee, from their Freshman year of high school to their first year of college. Despite the harshness of their lives, members of both families are shown to be supportive, hard-working, and perhaps unreasonably optimistic.

Hoop Dreams

Does the fact that neither of them saw their hoop dreams come to fruition lessen the importance of the message?

Theatrical release October 13, Additional themes include perseverance and teamwork. Drug use is destructive. Even viewers without an appreciation of basketball will find that they have a rooting interest. The only warning here is the illustrious f-word that is heard in a rap song playing on a radio in one scene.

Stay up to date on new reviews. Presumably because the cameras became such a fixture in these homes over time, they capture, in the best cinema verite tradition, compelling and revelatory moments of family dynamics. After all, in pictures like Hoosiers and The Natural, we know which team is going to win -- regardless of how unlikely the manner of the victory is.

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Disappointed, they each replace the goal of reaching the NBA with the goal of achieving a college education. The result is both a sympathetic portrait of two human beings and a stunning expose of the system that exploits "student-athletes.

Sometimes bad luck ruins everything. Their parents do their best under the most difficult circumstances to be loving and supportive. Knee surgery is shown.

Hoop Dreams (United States, 1994)

Film makers Steve James, Frederick Marx, and Peter Gilbert amassed hours of interviews, clips, and game footage, then edited it all down to one-hundred seventy-one minutes.Oct 14,  · Watch video · "Hoop Dreams" brilliantly follows multiple parallel stories, bringing the viewer into the lives of two families of inner-city kids looking for a chance at the "big time", their ticket out of the ghetto/10(K).

Oct 21,  · A film like "Hoop Dreams" is what the movies are for. It takes us, shakes us, and make us think in new ways about the world around us. It gives us the impression of having touched life itself.4/4.

Parents need to know that Hoop Dreams is a three-hour-long documentary film that features a lot of intense discussion by two young men about their experiences with parental separation and divorce, familial drug use, extreme poverty, sport-related injury, urban blight and violence, and teen pregnancy, all while they're trying to earn college.

“Hoop Dreams” is the most powerful movie about sports ever made. Compiled from more than hours of footage shot over five years, this extraordinary documentary about two Chicago teenagers.

Oct 07,  · "Hoop Dreams" will close the New York Film Festival on Sunday night at 8, the first documentary ever to do so. (It will open in New York next Friday and around the country on Oct. ). Before you decide that your lack of interest in basketball knocks Hoop Dreams off your list of video choices, think again.

Hoop Dreams is a documentary, and is as much about human relations and racial discrimination as it is about basketball.

Movie review hoop dreams
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