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Warn students that some of the words like reap that are introduced in Chapter One have special meaning in the context of the novel. Establishes and adjusts purposes for reading e.

Line 3 What does the emotion smell like? Before completing this activity, students should brainstorm a list of items which might be used in Capitol City or in the arena. Ask them to complete their choices with a description of the purpose. Acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words and phrases; gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression.

Invite students to walk around the classroom to observe how the other groups grouped and labeled the same set of words and names. How does her ironic use of language communicate a message?

Advertising Panem Products Students will make a series of billboards for products created in Capitol City and used by Hunger Games participants. Students can keep the themes and hunger games writing activities they wrote on their sticky note labels and add words to those categories as they read The Hunger Games.

Choose one emotion for the poem. Once completed, ask participants to demonstrate how to play the game.

The Hunger Games – Huge Collection of Teaching Resources

Uses context to understand figurative, idiomatic, and technical meanings of terms 2. Knows parts of speech e. Continue reading the first chapter aloud, pausing every so often to establish relationships among the words from the warm-up activity. Frustration is an empty well at the edge of a desert.

In the first few lines of the poemassociate the emotion with the five senses. Vocabulary Acquisition and Use Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words or phrases based on grades reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies.

What do you value above everything else? What images does the title of the novel bring to mind? Enrichment Project Idea List, http: Understands specific devices an author uses to accomplish his or her purpose e.

Students should try to include logical, ethical and emotional appeals in their letter. Use the relationship between particular words to better understand each of the words.

After a cluster of chapters have been read, draw names from the class and ask those students to assume the identities of characters from the novel. Which themes end up becoming more and more dominant as the plot unfolds?

Consult general and specialized reference materials e. One way to decide which images to use for the mural would be to follow the plot structure of the novel when deciding which images to use so that the story is understood entirely from beginning to end.

Student Activities written by: If possible, bring in a karaoke machine to have students perform their work live. What commonalities or patterns do they see?

They can also create a recording at home and burn their song on a CD or save as an mp3 file to listen to on their mp3 player. All of Panem District 12 The Arena Radio Interview As students read, ask them to accumulate a list of questions they would ask the main characters from the novel.

What is the most you would do to survive? What does it mean to survive? Making predictions about the content of The Hunger Games: Uses specific strategies to clear up confusing parts of a text e. Distinguish among the connotations associations of words with similar denotations definitions e.

Line 5 What does the emotion sound like?use the Visual Thesaurus to define and categorize words from the novel The Hunger Games, as a prereading activity interpret and analyze vocabulary in the context of reading the first chapter of The Hunger Games.

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"Hunger Games" Unit: Lessons Q&A Tests Activities Quiz Vocab Maps Key. Preview. Subject. English Language Arts, Literature, Tools for Common Core. Hunger Games Trilogy Map of Panem Arena and Capitol Activities Hunger Games Trilogy Writing Prompt Compare/Contrast Hunger Games Review Lessons-Characters & Setting4/5(K).

Advertising Panem Products Students will make a series of billboards for products created in Capitol City and used by Hunger Games participants. Before completing this activity, students should brainstorm a list of items which might be used in.

The Hunger Games series is written by Suzanne Collins and published by Scholastic Inc. Below are links to resources to help teachers understand the.

Hunger Games Plan for assessment. Lesson plan. ppt, KB. Hunger Games Lesson plan. The Hunger Games. This is based around the reading of the book, so some of the presentations suit the reading taking place and can be adapted as such.

A Pre-Reading Activity for

30 pages of phonics activities perfect for practising alien words from phase for the /5(9).

Hunger games writing activities
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