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She orders Willie to make her boots in future and Hobson answers for Willie. Willie seems to the audience to be shy and lacking self-confidence. Hobson ends the heated discussion with his daughters by walking out of the shop, but as he does so, he notices one of his high-class customers beginning to step out of her carriage, Mrs Hepworth.

Willie is a very quiet character and Hobson does most of the speaking to Mrs Hepworth. Maggie asks Willie to hold out his hands, which he is uncomfortable about because they are dirty. He is polite and respectful towards Mrs Hepworth, which is typical of a man in his position.

Women and men were not treated as equals, usually with the men being dominant. Maggie comments on what makes a boot shop profitable and Willie compliments Maggie on her work.

Brutal gives the impression of violence, and the reader is made aware that Willie may have been beaten as a child by his parents or siblings. He tells her that they are busy in the cellar as a way of an excuse but Maggie ignores this. Hobson tells his companion Jim of his plans, but shortly after changes his mind on marrying his daughters off, as he feels the settlements are too expensive.

The audience can see he is not a greedy man, out for more money; he just likes normality and what is familiar to him. I do a bit. I — I thought I gave satisfaction.

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Tubby calls for Willie and he appears up the trap a few seconds later, stopping half way up as Tubby did. Mrs Hepworth may regard him as stupid, however he is not naturally dumb, just uneducated.

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Brighouse saw this as a title with scope for a play and wrote the script to fit the title. What way is that? When the blow does not arrive, Willie looks up, takes the visiting card from Mrs Hepworth, and attempts to read it, although he cannot.

It seems to me to point one way. Hobson nervously reassures her that if the boots caused any inconvenience, he will make sure the workman receives the punishment due. I thought you were axing me to wed you. Come up, and put the trap down; I want to talk to you.

This tells the audience that Willie is a nervous man, he expects to be beaten not praised, and so he has little confidence in himself as a boot maker. Willie, however, is submissive, obedient and respectful towards Maggie.

Willie is described as charming and this allows the audience to feel that he is a good, honest man. His lips move as he tries to spell it out. He set the play back in eighteen eighty, in Salford, Lancashire two years before he was born near Salford. He shows respect for Maggie and her work.

She tells him that she wants him to talk to her and, although he is not comfortable, he does not refuse. He dives down trap. When Hobson dismisses Willie, he retreats quickly back into the cellar as fast as he could, showing the audience he tries to avoid conversing with people of the higher classes.

Then he raises his head and finds she is holding out a visiting card. When Maggie enquires about her fathers option of punishment for herself, he dismisses any chance of her marrying as she is too old, although in truth he finds Maggie too useful a shop hand to let her go.

The head of the household is Henry Horatio Hobson, a widower with three daughters, Alice, who is twenty-three, the twenty-one, pretty Victoria and Maggie, the eldest at thirty.

Maggie takes his hands and tells him they are dirty but they are clever hands. At first, Willie is puzzled about what Maggie is about to say, but as he begins to get an idea of her plans, he tries to go back down into the cellar to avoid having to answer her.

He does not argue with Maggie only tries to put across politely what he believes in. He is raw material of a charming man, but, at present, it requires a very keen eye to detect his potentialities. Willie immediately comes across to the audience as a shy, lower class man, but he has the potential to change himself.

Willie is an honest man, he does not boast about his exceptional skills and he tells Maggie that he has had no other teacher than Mr Hobson, even though Hobson could not have taught him to make boots that way he does. Even though Mrs Hepworth did not strike him, Willie was accepting she would, he did not retaliate, allowing the audience to see he is a good-tempered, non-violent person.

She asks him who taught him to make boots and Willie answers honestly.Let us find you another Essay on topic Hobsons choice for FREE! Select type Case Study Lab Report Term Paper Coursework Book Report/Review Research Paper Assignment Article Essay Admission/Application Essay Research Proposal Speech or Presentation Literature review Personal Statement Thesis Proposal Math Problem PowerPoint Presentation.

Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Essay Sample on Hobson’s Choice share In this assignment, I will be looking at the play “Hobson’s Choice” which was written in by Harold Brighouse.

This essay will talk about Willies steps from being a shoe maker to becoming the owner of a shop. Willie is an important character although he is one of the only working class characters in the play. Free hobsons choice papers, essays, and research papers. Hobson's Choice Essay. Topics: Question, He is the most hypocritical man in ‘Hobson’s Choice’; this is proven by the change in his tone and body language when Ms Hepworth, a high classed customer, enters his shop.

When Hobson greets Ms. Hepworth he .

Hobsons choice assignment essay
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