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Her conduct as Bloody mary thesis statement was certainly governed by the best possible intentions; and it is evident that her very zeal for goodness caused most of the trouble she brought upon herself.

During most of that period mother and daughter seem to have been kept apart. Inexperienced in the art of governing, she had no trusty councillor but Gardiner ; every other member of the council had been more or less implicated in the conspiracy against her.

Besides, the cause of the pope was naturally her own. She seems to have been a singularly precocious child, and is reported in Julywhen scarcely four and a half years old, as entertaining some visitors by a performance on the virginals. No one, perhaps, seriously expected either of these arrangements to endure; and, though we read in grave state papers of some curious compliments and love tokens really the mere counters of diplomacy professedly sent by the girl of Bloody mary thesis statement to her powerful cousin, not many years passed away before Charles released himself from this engagement and made a more convenient match.

She was also strongly desirous of restoring the old religion and wiping out the stigma of illegitimacy upon her birth, so that she might not seem to reign by virtue of a mere parliamentary settlement.

From first to last nearly three hundred victims are known to have perished at the stake; and their fate certainly created a revulsion against Rome that nothing else was likely to have effected.

She married Philiprestored the old religion, and got Cardinal Pole to come over and absolve the kingdom from its past disobedience to the Holy See. Cambridge University Press, Meanwhile the country was full of faction, and seditious pamphlets of Protestant origin inflamed the people with hatred against the Spaniards.

A year after his marriage Philip went over to Brussels to receive from his father the government of the Low Countries and afterwards the kingdom of Spain. In the midst of the danger Mary showed great intrepidity, and the rebellion was presently quelled; after which, unhappily, she got leave to pursue her own course unchecked.

In a rearrangement was made of the royal household, and it was thought right to give Mary an establishment of her own along with a council on the borders of Wales, for the better government of the Marches. Nor was even this the worst of her trials; her very life was in danger from the hatred of Anne Boleyn.

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The Commons sent her a deputation to entreat that she would not marry a foreigner, and when her resolution was known insurrections broke out in different parts of the country. Edward himself indeed seems to have been personally not unkind to her, but the religious revolution in his reign assumed proportions such as it had not done before, and Mary, who had done sufficient violence to her own convictions in submitting to a despotic father, was not disposed to yield an equally tame obedience to authority exercised by a factious council in the name of a younger brother not yet come to years of discretion.

By the treaty, indeed, England was to remain neutral; but the force of events, in the end, compelled her, as might have been expected, to take part in the quarrel. Mary was little more than two years old when she was proposed in marriage to the dauphin, son of Francis I.

It was a misfortune that she shared with high-born ladies generally in those days that her prospects in life were made a matter of sordid bargaining from the first. Hooper, Bishop of Gloucesterhad been condemned six days before, and suffered the same fate upon the 9th.

Three years afterwards the French alliance was broken off, and in she was affianced to her cousin the young emperor Charles V by the Treaty of Windsor. Dudley, had in fact, overawed all the rest of the privy council, and when the event occurred he took such energetic measures to give effect to the scheme that Lady Jane was actually recognized as queen for some days, and Mary had even to fly from Hunsdon into Norfolk.

She was now proposed as a wife, not for the dauphin as before, but for his father Francis Iwho had just been redeemed from captivity at Madrid, and who was only too glad of an alliance with England to mitigate the severe conditions imposed on him by the emperor.

Her conduct, indeed, was in every respect conciliatory and pacific, and so far as they depended on her personal character the prospects of the new reign might have appeared altogether favourable. The alliance itself, however, was actually concluded by a treaty dated Westminster, the 30th of Aprilin which it was provided, as regards the Princess Mary, that she should be married either to Francis himself or to his second son Henry Duke of Orleans.

Nevertheless Henry was now reconciled to her, and gave her a household in some degree suitable to her rank. It is proved to be untrue by the strongest evidence, for we have pretty full contemporary records of the whole negotiation.

Rogers, the first of the martyrs, was burnt on the 4th of February About the same time that she replied to the commissioners in Latin he was arranging that she should learn Spanish, Italian and French.

Thomas Seymourthe Lord High Admiral, was attainted of treason and beheaded in One special infirmity caused her to believe a few months after her marriage that she was with child, and thanksgiving services were ordered throughout the diocese of London in November In spite of the forced declaration formerly wrung from herself, no one really regarded her as a bastard, and the full recognition of her rights depended on the recognition of the pope as head of the Church.

Doubts were felt as to the result even from the first; but the law having been once passed could not be relaxed merely because the victims were so numerous; for that would only have encouraged the irreverence which it was intended to check. Her clemency towards those who had taken up arms against her was altogether remarkable.

It was a more than questionable policy thus to ally England with Spain— a power then actually at war with France.MARY I, Queen of England, unpleasantly remembered as "the Bloody Mary" on account of the religious persecutions which prevailed during her reign, was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, born in the earlier years of their married life, when as yet no cloud had darkened the prospect of Henry's reign.

Mary hated anyone who wasn't Catholic and made herself a goal to make England a Catholic country, but for that to happen she needed the Protestants gone. By: Jaedyn Gerhardt Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

(, p.1)Mary was born to Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon. (, p.1) She was the fifth child to be born to them, but she was the only one of the five to survive past birth. Nov 23,  · Mary was the just kid born to Henry VIII to endure but was later on deemed illegitimate.

The name of “Bloody Mary” was presented with to her because of the bloody persecutions she offered through the Protestant Reformation/5(67). Queen “Bloody” Mary – Essay Sample Home / Essay Examples / West-European Studies / Queen “Bloody” Mary – Es Though the era of Queen Mary of England has passed hundreds of years ago, her personality, goals, and motivations still remain uncovered and disguised under the darkness of time.

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