Air pollution in the philippines essay

It is divided into three: Melting polar ice caps and glaciers could cause sea levels to rise, flooding most of the major population centres and fertile lands. The settleable dusts have a particle longer than 10 am.

For example the power plants, exhaust fumes of vehicles and airplanes as well as the burning of gasoline. But it is not being used in the most efficient manner. The different air pollutants and their effects are as follows: Even though some pollution across the whole world is caused by the forces of nature such as animal waste, animal release of gases, and volcanic eruptions, the majority comes from everyday human activities and technology.

But our H2O is polluted. Phosgene and Methyl Isocyanate: The latter are persistent and pass into the food chain. Alave Philippine Daily Inquirer 5: Water, water everywhere, and much of it polluted By Kristine L. Water rationing Water pollution is a serious problem in urban areas nationwide, depriving city residents of the precious resource, according to Tuddao.

The present prominence of pollution has happened due to a number of major factor Among the problems that worry modern humanity the most, pollution is one of the most worrisome.

Air Pollution in the Philippines Essay Sample

Water pollution is a result of changes in its quality and such changes can occur due to natural reasons or as a consequence of one or more activities by humans Goel 1. Through the recent decades, people-especially in western countries such as the U.

Another type of pollution is land pollution. Human activity forms nitrogen oxides in combustion process of industries, automobiles, incinerators and nitrogen fertilizers.

However, toxic emissions due to the work of factories, transportation, construction sites pollute the environment substantially. There is a lot of surplus. We all know about the smoking ban and the anti-smoke belching. Tuddao said the Philippines had billion litres of H2O available but merely 28 per centum of that was being used by Filipinos for domestic intents.

In the presence of sunlight, hydrocarbons react with nitrogen oxides to produce ozone, peroxy-acyl nitrates, aldehydes and other compounds. Greenhouse effect seems to bring a very massive effect on our Earth since it will leads to emission of dangerous greenhouse gas.

These harmful actions have changed Earth. Industrial estates should be established at a distance from residential areas.

There is a batch of excess. So if you ever come across suffocating situations, literally, you know what to do. Automobiles should be fitted with exhaust emission controls.

Pollution Essay

Effect of Air Pollutants: He compared the Cagayan Valley river system to the Mekong Delta, that fertile area in Cambodia and Vietnam where rice is grown, but it needs to be rehabilitated.

People across the globe have been facing a number of health problems due to the pollution of land, water and air. Can we use that? All organisms contain it, some drink it, and some live in it.

Another type of pollution is land pollution. At higher concentration, carbon monoxide proves lethal. Water rationing Water pollution is a serious job in urban countries countrywide. The smaller particles are able to remain suspended for long periods in the air. Pollution has no solution essay Reduce pollution essay Short essay on water pollution Short speech on pollution essays Solution for pollution essay Sources of environmental pollution essay The great pacific garbage patch essay Water pollution causes and effects essay Water pollution essay Ways to reduce air pollution essay Pollution Essay Examples Transportation And Air Pollution In The United States Words: Peoples across the Earth have been confronting a figure of wellness jobs due to the pollution of land.

Air pollution has been a job throughout history. The various causes of air pollution are: Much of it is polluted.ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution!

The World Health Organization defines air pollution as “the presence of materials in the air in such concentration which are harmful to man and his environment.” ADVERTISEMENTS: In fact air pollution is the occurrence or addition of foreign particles, gases and other pollutants [ ].

Air Pollution Essay Examples. An Analysis of the Acid Rain and the Issues of Pollution in Atmospheric Moisture. 7, words. 16 pages. An Essay on Air Pollution in the 20th Century.

air pollution Essay Examples

2, words. 5 pages.

Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution

Effects of Air Pollution on Child Development. words. An Overview of the Air Quality and the Issue of the Air Pollution in the. In Manila there are a lot of problems with air pollution, hygiene practices and the lack of good sanitation.

These are the most important hygiene and health related risks in the Philippines. One-sixth of all deaths in the Philippines and approximately 6, premature deaths a year are because of hygiene, water-borne diseases and poor sanitation conditions.

P.D. () - The Revision of Republic Act No.Commonly Known as the Pollution Control Law.-It is hereby declared a national policy to prevent, abate and control pollution of water, air and land for the more effective utilization of the resources of this country.

The Effects of Air Pollution Essay Example Introduction The primary challenge for humanity is environmental pollution. It cuts across all sectors, affecting everyone and its results cause massive fatalities.

The leading cause of environmental pollution is air pollution. Pollution is one of biggest concern in the environmental issues because it covers all which are water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution.

Pollution is contaminants that can cause an adverse change s to environment and human health.

Air pollution in the philippines essay
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