A comparative essay on two adverts from magazines

This implies that customers are re-assured that the product is manufactured by a trusted company that is not likely to disappoint their expectations.

Therefore, this new perfume seems to be targeted toward an up market customer who will ooze confidence and leadership in the workplace while remaining attractive and sexy. However, the logo stands out despite being small since it is written in white and on a black background.

Comparing Two Advertisements&nbspEssay

Apart from the use of various elements in this advertisement, it contains some texts that have been characterized by the use of exclamation marks.

There are various brands of Charlie Sunshine fragrances including grapefruit, green notes, mandarin, lemon, sandalwood, and pear.

This posture signifies a relaxed rather than impatient person, which is not only a reflection of confidence but also an attractive characteristic of the advert. While the advertisement of this product appears different from WOMAN on the first look, it is somehow similar following a critical analysis of the advert.

This implies that the ads must be eye-catching and stylish in order to be attractive. These products are fragrances that are manufactured by two different companies and relatively geared towards the same target audience.

Despite appearing different from working women, the model used in the advertisement is seemingly very confident. The model is positioned in nearly the entire left-hand side of the picture while the bottle of the fragrance is on the right hand side. Advertisements usually contain a persuasive message through an identified sponsor.

Hugo Boss has used a model in the advertisement for this new product that is being added to its line of fragrances. Her look portrays a woman who can achieve everything she wants or obtain nearly everything in an effective rather than in an uncontrollable way.

The black background is a symbol of hidden depths whereas the white color is a sign of innocence and charm. The language used in the advert is seemingly appealing or attractive to people who are pace….

Charlie Sunshine advertisement by Revlon not only portrays an undertone of sophistication but seemingly provides a message regarding sunshine. This implies that the model would be attractive to both men and women who would want to be with her since they would not feel intimidated or belittled.

Advertisements are basically part of daily life given the prevalence of adverts across television, radio, and newspapers among others.

Moreover, Charlie is written in huge free-flowing letters that is generally considered as the trademark font of the company. Since WOMAN is a new line of fragrance being in traduced to the market, Hugo Boss has designed the advertisement for this product in a manner that seeks to persuade and appeal to the target audience and market.

This shape is quite different from the shape of other perfumes and suggests the kind of target audience for the company. The inclusion of these other products is an indication that the company product line is versatile to meet the varying needs of customers or target market. The need for eye-catching and stylish advertisements is because these companies are also in competition with others for the same products.

The message is depicted through the use of orange, lively, bright, sunny color. One of the most important considerations for advertisements is ensuring that they are appealing and attractive to potential customers. The difference in color is geared towards enhancing the attractiveness of the advert and having a huge effect on the audience.

Companies and businesses create adverts that are specifically targeted to appeal to certain groups of people or niche markets. For instance, the model looks very relaxed by crossing her arms and has a smile that appears to be flirting. In contrast, Charlie Sunshine is a relatively similar product i.

The advertisement has a contrasting black and white theme that communicates a lot to the target audience. The most notable characteristic of this advertisement is its color, which is very contrasting to the conventional black and white.

The advertisement not only contains a picture of this fragrance but also incorporates other products from the company in the bottom left hand corner. Finally, the use of the phrase, "expect everything" also contributes to confidence and has an empowering impact on the customer. These exclamation marks demonstrate that the company is shouting about the product but would also like the customers to shout it when making decisions regarding purchases.

As a result of her dancing and flirting, the model appears to be confident while having fun at the same time. However, the images and language used play a significant role in communicating the overall message of making the product attractive and appealing to customers.

One of the distinctive features of the advert from other perfumes manufactured by the company is the half moon shape of the bottle. First, the posture and appearance of the model implies that the target audience or customer needs to wear this perfume in order to look nice, trendy, sexy, and confident while being attractive to both men and women.

Comparison of Two Advertisements As previously mentioned, two or more advertisements of a similar product tend to be very different with regards to images, sounds, and language.Comparative Analysis Essay Examples.

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Task Select Two Advertisements From Magazines And Write A Comparative Analysis Of Them Essay Research Paper Media Coursework Task Select two advertisements from magazines and write a comparative analysis of them Adverts Vauxhall Vectra Goodye. Essay on A Comparison of Two Advertisements - A Comparison of Two Advertisements Advertising is a tool used by businesses to inform us about their products and to persuade us to buy them.

Aug 10,  · How to Write a Comparative Essay. Three Parts: Developing the Essay Content Organizing the Content Writing the Essay Community Q&A. Perhaps you have been assigned a comparative essay in class, or need to write a comprehensive comparative report for work%(20).

Comparison Of Two Advertisements

An Analysis of Two Advertisements I am going to analyse two adverts and discuss which one is more effective. The first advert that I am going to study is marketing 'New Synergie lift' by Garnier. The second is promoting the product 'Total turnaround' by Clinique.

A Comparison of Two Advertisements Essay - A Comparison of Two Advertisements I am going to compare two advertisements which I took from the magazine 'Marie Claire.' 'Marie Claire's target audience is young, sophisticated women, aged s.

A comparative essay on two adverts from magazines
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